We are a team that believes that contacting the afterlife is possible, but that not everything that goes bump in the night is a spirit. Any evidence we encounter is thoroughly investigated and strongly scrutinized before we consider it paranormal.  
We are NOT here to PROVE ANYTHING TO ANYONE other than ourselves. We DO NOT go into a place to find out IF THERE ARE ANY SPIRITS THERE, instead, we go into places where people believe they are experiencing paranormal activity and try to verify their claims by making contact with whatever may be there by using the proper equipment. (i.e. full spectrum cameras)  

From time to time, we preform Investigations with the Public, charging people a small fee to join us. 100% of that fee goes to the charity for whom we are helping by doing an investigation. Check back often, information is posted on our site as early as possible when we are doing a Charity fund raising Public Investigation.